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Photo Name Designation Area of Interest Email address
Dr. Vijay R. Gondaliya Dr. Vijay R. Gondaliya I/C Director Corporate Finance, Security Market, Research and International Finance
Ms. Dhara Patel Mrs. Dhara Patel Assistant Professor Finance
Mr. Gaurang Pandya Mr. Gaurang Pandya Teaching Assistant Computer Science
Mr. Dharmaraj Solanki Mr. Dharmaraj Solanki Teaching Assistant Marketing
Mr. Taral Patel Mr. Taral Patel Teaching Assistant Finance
Ms. Manisha surti Ms. Manisha Surti Teaching Assistant Finance
Mr. Nisarg Shah Mr. Nisarg Shah Teaching Assistant Finance
Dr.Yagna Vyas Dr.Yagna Vyas Assistant Professor Accountancy and Finance
Ms. Niyati Shah Ms. Niyati Shah Teaching Assistant Computer Science
Mrs.Nidhi Halvadia Mrs.Nidhi Halvadia Teaching Assistant Marketing
Mrs.Divya Paulose Ms.Divya Paulose Teaching Assistant Marketing
Ms.Aarti Joshi Ms.Aarti Joshi Teaching Assistant Commerce and Accountancy
Ms.Bhavika Parte Ms.Bhavika Parte Teaching Assistant Human Resource Management