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Photo Name Designation Area of Interest Email address
Dr. Vijay R. Gondaliya Dr. Vijay R. Gondaliya I/C Director, Associate Professor Corporate Finance, Security Market, Research and International Finance
Dr. AnuradhaPathak Dr. Anuradha Pathak Associate Professor Human Resource Management (HRM) and, Strategic HRM
Ms. Margi Shah Ms. Margi Shah Teaching Assistant Finance and Accounting
Mr. Dharmaraj Solanki Mr. Dharmaraj Solanki Teaching Assistant Marketing
Dr. Taral Patel Dr. Taral Patel Assistant professor Finance
Dr. Trishna Shah Dr. Trishna Shah Assistant professor Marketing
Dr. Kruti Bhatt Dr. Kruti Bhatt Assistant Professor Marketing
Dr.Yagna Vyas Dr.Yagna Vyas Assistant Professor Accountancy and Finance
Peenal Sankhla Peenal Sankhla Assistant professor Marketing Management, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Integrated Marketing Communication
Ms. Bhavna Patel Ms. Bhavna Patel Assistant Professor Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Development, CSR and Industrial Psychology
Mr. Parvez Abdul Habib Malek Mr. Parvez Abdul Habib Malek Assistant Professor Sales and Distribution Management
Ms. Pragya Tripathi Ms. Pragya Tripathi Teaching Assistant Marketing and HRM
Ms. Nimisha Jariwala Ms. Nimisha Jariwala Teaching Assistant Human Resource Management, Counseling and Coaching
Vivek Ayre Mr. Vivek Ayre Teaching Assistant Finance
Mr.Mahmadzaki Shekh Mr.Mahmadzaki Shekh Teaching Assistant Commercial Marketing, Counselling, coaching and trainer
Ms. Vaishali Pillai Ms. Vaishali Pillai Teaching Assistant Human Resource Management