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News and Events: 2011-12

  • B.V.P.I. of BMC & IT rocked in certification examinations conducted by IIT, Mumbai, Date: 30th April 2012 more

    BVPIBMC&IT, UTU takes this enormous opportunity to proclaim that students performed terrifically in the examinations conducted for open source technologies. The examination was conducted by IIT, Mumbai to promote amongst the academic institutions, the open source technologies. For 2 different subjects, spoken tutorial workshops were organized at BVPIBMC&IT and an online examination was scheduled for students of S.Y.BCA. The passing criterion for cracking the exam was 40 %.

    We are delighted to announce that students of BVPIBMC&IT have accomplished 100% in all the subjects. BVPIBMC&IT recognizes outstanding results of following rankers in different subjects

    In Linux examination, total 145 students appeared in examination and all the students successfully cleared the examination. Below are the students, who performed outstandingly in the examination,

    Mishika Prafulbhai Patel Kenilkumar Amrutbhai Patel Prachi Bhupendrabhai  Bhandari Dineshkumar Madanlal Vaishnav
    Mishika Prafulbhai
    Kenilkumar Amrutbhai
    Prachi Bhupendrabhai
    Dineshkumar Madanlal

    In Python examination, total 124 students appeared in examination and all the students successfully cleared the examination. Below students performed outstandingly,

    Kenilkumar Amrutbhai Patel Akhil Mohanbhai Pillai Khushbu Pankajkumar Desai Shruti Vinayak Vyas Hinal Kamlesh Shah
    Kenilkumar Amrutbhai
    Akhil Mohanbhai
    Khushbu Pankajkumar
    Shruti Vinayak
    Hinal Kamlesh
  • Workshop on "PYTHON" was organized by SRIMCA in association with IIT Mumbai for the students of BCA, Date: 02nd to 05th March 2012 more

    B.V. Patel Institute of B.M.C & I.T in association with IIT Bombay organized a workshop on Python for S.Y.BCA students. The objective of the workshop was to provide the knowledge on open source technology.

    Python - A programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. Python claims to combine "remarkable power with very clear syntax" and its standard library are very large and comprehensive. As it is a programming and scripting language, by learning this students gets opportunities of jobs in 3D animation and gaming industry.

    During the workshop, participants got knowledge of:

    • Plotting data
    • Using plots interactively
    • Array
    • Using Sage

    Total 164 students in three batches and 23 faculties attended the workshop.

  • Workshop on "LINUX" organized by B.V. Patel Institute of B.M.C & I.T in association with IIT Mumbai for students of BCA, Date: 29th February to 02nd March 2012 more

    To upgrade treasure of knowledge in free and open source technology, B.V. Patel Institute of B.M.C & I.T. in association with IIT Bombay has organized a workshop on Linux for the students of S.Y.BCA.

    Linux - A free operating system, which is considered almost neutral to virus attacks and no hassles for licensing issues, was taught to the students using spoken tutorials. The workshop was of 2 hours duration and it was organized in three batches. Students were also provided materials to prepare for the certification exam. 164 students and 25 faculties participated in it.

    During the workshop, participants got knowledge of:

    • Basic commands
    • File attributes
    • Linux process
    • General utilities
    • Simple filters
    • Redirection pipes

    Spoken Tutorial team, IIT Mumbai, monitors these workshops through Skype.

  • 1-Day Picnic to Essel World(Mumbai), Date: 27th February 2012 more

    Essel World: THE ISLAND OF FUN. It was the first amusement park in India. Essel world brag of more than 34 major rides like Zipper dipper, Zyclone,, Hoola loop, Enterprise, monster, Aqua dive etc. other than rides the most adventurous and enjoyment Part are Rock climbing, disco theck, rain dance and scary house. If you want to take a break from your hectic schedule than Essel World is the best Place to enjoy.

    The college organized one day picnic to Essel World(mumbai) for the students of BCA.All the staff members and Students left the campus on 24th February at 11:00 pm with cheers. Throughout the way to Essel World, the infinite fun, chit-chatting, playing antakshari,dancing on rocking songs to the picnic. We reached the destination early in the morning and had breakfast. We enjoyed "chhole-puri & rice with salad". After having mouth-watering breakfast, students and faculties played "ubhi Kho-Kho" and enjoyed a lot. At 10:30 all left for Essel world in a fancy bus of Essel world. The student and faculties enjoyed thrilling rides, Rock climbing and dance on sizzling DJ. students enjoyed all the rides for numbers of times and Then we left essel world at 6:00 pm on 25th February. After completing the enjoyment moments all went for "pagoda temple" .Then we had a delicious dinner with "Gajar ka halwa,paneer bhurji,masala bhindi and kadhi pulav".We left at 10:00 pm from mumbai.All returned early in the morning at 4:00 am with the same grace. It was unforgettable picnic ever.

  • UTSAV-2012, Annual Day celebration, Date: 18th February 2012 more

    On 18th Feb, faculty of computer science & technology (FCST) successfully organized its Annual & Farewell function-"UTSAV-2012". The function was scheduled in two phases: the first phase included the formal function and the prize distribution while the second included Cultural programmes and farewell for the final year student of B.C.A.

    The function was honoured by the Chief Guest Shri Bhagubhai Patel (president of BPKM), Shri Kiritbhai Patel( Secretary, BPKM), Dr. D. R. Shah/(Provost & CEO, UTU),as well as all directors of all institutes of Gopal Vidyanagar Campus. As per the rich tradition of the institute the function was started by a prayer of Shrimad Rajchandra - "bahu punya kera punj thi". All the guests were welcomed by the fragrance of flowers depicting our sincere love and affection towards them, and was then followed by the words of blessing by the guest of honour and wish the final students for the bright future.This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The Guests of honour as well as the institute'˜s directors felicitated the talent of the year in academics, co-curricular, as well as extra-curricular activities, also best student of the year was announced for BCA and MCA. To encourage education and higher learning and reward the most able students we gave scholarship to those students who got first, second or third rank in university exam. Information of scholarship are as follows:

    Sr.No. Name Rupees

    It was the turn of the staff to be recognized for their personal and institutional development as well as their whole hearted services for the institute. The formal programme ended with vote of thanks delivered by the General Secretary.

    The second half of the function was full of fun and entertaining. An excellent band of orchestra was organized to entertain the gathering. Students performed various events like songs, dances, creative folk song and drama. During the schedule the orchestra band also gave many performances to add icing to the cake. The function was ended by dance songs on which the entire gathering could not keep their feet and hand together. The cheer and joy was evident from the fact that they were not ready to stop dancing and get back to their home. At 6.00 p. m. the function summed up.

  • SYBCA 3rd Semester Result, January 2012 more

    In SYBCA (3rd semester) university external examination, 148 students appeared from Institute. Among them 90 students successfully cleared in the examination. Institute result is 60.81% whereas that of university overall is 44.40%. 17% students scored first class with distinction and first class.

    Following students are secured 70.00 % or more than it in Institute:

    Rank Student ID Student Name Percentage Photo
  • 3 Days Industrial tour to the city of IT-Pune, for TYBCA Students, Date: 16th January 2012 more

    As a part of curriculum, B.V. Patel Institute of Business Management, Computer and Information Technology organised 3 days industrial tour to the city of IT-Pune, for TYBCA students.

    The tour brought the much-needed change from the hectic schedule and provided tremendous amount of fun and frolic. Tour started on 16th January 2012 at 8:00 pm from the college. Then we had a halt for dinner near a hotel. The morning breeze of air of Pune City entered in our heart on 17th January 2012, at approximately 7:30 am, we reached St Laurn, Hinjewadi and our residing destination. We proceeded to our allocated rooms followed by Heavy breakfast. After lunch we went to India's first hill city LAVASA CITY. We had a detailed presentation on city tour for our students. Students enjoyed view and driving lanes thoroughly. All of us were thrilled to see a beautiful lake at this spot. After that we had dinner and all of us went to the bed to rest.

    Second day of the tour was INDUSTRAIL VISIT day. In the first half we visited PALL industries, we students get to know how software is used for other industries too. Then we had a Hinjewadi Tour. Students were happy to see different IT companies namely Infosys, KPIT Cummins, Mind Tree, Cognizant, JK InfoTech, Wipro, Credit-Swuis, Tata-Technologies. After launch at hotel, in the second half, we went to Glodyne Technologies, where students actually had a experience of how a particular firm can work in different locations. We saw different departments of company including Server room, Development area, Management area, Training rooms, Cafeterias, Meeting rooms.

    While returning students were happy to gain hands on knowledge about IT industry. In the evening we had a expert talk on Current trends in Information Technology by Mr. Harinarayan Katli whose is well known trainer from Atos Origin. It was a eye opening session for students and students enjoyed it thoroughly. Then we had a most awaited part of the day. The DJ Evening. With full energy and enthusiasm students bang the DJ stage. They enjoyed all new songs with great mixing music and traditional GARBA. After dinner every one went to bed.

    The 3rd and last day of the tour was mixture of sad and joy feelings. Sad as it was last day of the tour and joy as we were about to see one of the most beautiful beach in Maharashtra- the Alibbaug. The driving roads towards Alibaug was accomplished by Mac Donald, Hinjewadi visit. Student enjoyed burgers, cold coffee, French fries and spicy panner wrap. In the afternoon we reached Alibaug where student had they packed lunch and then they went for beach walk. We enjoyed water scooter, boating, speed boat ride, horse ride etc on the beach. We visited Kulaba fort which is one of the best example of historical fort. Then we started our return journey with a halt at Fountain Hotel where chewing a Mitha paan was great experience. On 20th morning we all reached safely to our home with unforgettable memories to cherish.

  • TYBCA 5th Semester Result - December 2011 more

    In TYBCA (5th semester) university external examination, 103 students appeared from Institute. Among them 100 students successfully cleared in the examination. Institute result is 97.09% whereas that of university overall is 84.13%. 33% students scored first class with distinction and first class.

    Rank Student ID Student Name Percentage Photo
  • Thalassemia Detection Camp, Date: 07th December 2011 more

    The institute has organized a Thalassemia Detection Camp on 7th December,2011 in association with Indian Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad. The objective of the camp was to test the students for Thalassemia and Sickle cell.

    The program started with a documentary film on Thalassemia and Sickle cell. In the film the expert has given basic information regarding Thalassaemia, its treatment procedure and preventive measures. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder. Thalassaemia can be major or minor. Thalassaemia minors are healthy in general. But people with Thalassemia disease are not able to make enough hemoglobin, which causes severe anemia. Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells and carries oxygen to all parts of the body. When there is not enough hemoglobin in the red blood cells, oxygen cannot get to all parts of the body. Organs then become starved for oxygen and are unable to function properly. People with Thalassaemia major needs frequent blood transfusions. They also need to take injections daily to bring down high levels of iron in the body, a direct result of all those transfusions.

    After the screening of the documentary film, Mr. Vijay Parmar, expert from Indian Red Cross Society took an interactive session with student. Information brochure was also distributed to the students.

    Total 150 students of first year BCA programs were tested for Thalassaemia. All other students of the institute have been already tested for the same.

  • World Aids Day Celebration & Blood Donation Camp, Date: 01st December 2011 more

    1st December is celebrated as "World AIDS Day" across the globe. At SRIMCA also the member of Red Ribbon Club observed "World AIDS Day" on 1st December 2011. All students and faculty members wore RED RIBBON which shows that we are well aware of the HIV/AIDS and also committed to bring awareness among others. Theme for this year was "GETTING ZERO" means getting ZERO new HIV infection, getting ZERO discrimination and getting ZERO AIDS related death.

    Apart from this, a Blood Donation Camp was also organized at the institute in association with Sardar Smark Hospital, Bardoli and Bardoli Satyagrah Hospital & CHC, Bardoli. Students and faculty members of the institute shown a great enthusiasm for this noble cause and 21 units of blood were collected from the 1st semester BCA students.

  • Seminar on "How to become Microsoft Student Partner" by Ms. Bhavini Ahir was organized jointly by B.V.Patel Institute of BMC & IT and CSI, Student branch bardoli, Date: 28th November 2011 more

    A seminar on "How to become Microsoft Student Partner" was jointly organized by Computer Society of India, Bardoli student branch, Surat chapter and B.V.Patel Institute of Management, Computer & Information Technology. It was organized for the students of First Year BCA. A Resource person for the seminar was Ms. Bhavini Ahir who has been recently selected as Microsoft Student Partner and she is also an IBM Student Ambassador.

    The Microsoft Student Partner program recognizes top young minds from around the world that are passionate about technology. She broadly covered the procedure for becoming a Microsoft Student Partner for which the students were keen interested.

    In her seminar, she also focused on various topics like AppHub, Dream Spark, I unlock joy, imagine cup quiz etc.

    She also provided guidance about various IBM certification exams and advantages of those certifications. Students were also briefed with the knowledge about and motivated them to participate in those types of competitions.

    Total 172 students participated in it. Seminar was successfully managed by Mr. Amish Patel, SBC, Bardoli Student Branch.

  • Fresher Party, Date 10th October 2011 more

    Fresher party...the most happening and awaited event by B V Patel students. To continue with the tradition, B V Patel senior students had organised Welcome party for their newly joined young youth whole heartedly.

    Fresher party was on 10th of October, 2011, Monday. The students of all the streams had participated and took the event to reach its excellence. The function started with welcoming the dignitaries on dais, lighting the lamp, reciting prayer in melodious voice of SYMCA girls. A welcome dance was done by classical dancer Shilpa Karad. Then a welcome speech was given by newly elected, very dynamic diamond of Department of Computer Science and Technology the General Secretary (GS) Ankit Bhakta. After that, different events had lined up with association four multi talented anchors namely, Apsita, Bhavini, Arpit and Anand.

    The party was geared up with Solo song, group dance, solo dance, drama & duet singing. Students had enjoyed all the activities with full of enthusiasm. After lunch, DJ was schedule. DJ rocked the floor with first round of Garba and then multiple mixing songs. All students enjoyed it without any hesitation. B V Patel faculties were constantly supporting students by giving motivation till ending up the function. Prakash Khaire, Himadri Patel and Dinesh Patel performance was cherry on the welcome functions cake.

    There were many students who had silently worked for making this function joyfull and memorable. The list is endless. At the end, everyone was back to pavilion with good memories to cherish.

  • 'Mehandi Adorns the Hands and Music adds life to Celebration', Date: 08th October 2011 more

    Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel Institute of Business Management, Computer & Information Technology organised Henna competition on 8th Oct 2011, Saturday. 24 students from different streams had participated with full energy. As a part of our Indian culture, Henna has a remarkable stand & which was proven by these participants. They had decorated their hands with different designs which include Arabic, Bridal and Traditional.

    As a undivided part of Indian cultural, students had drawn different designs of Henna which include Bride, Groom, Doli, Ganeshji and many more. These all designs were judged by very dynamic panel of Judges out of which one of the Judges was winner of Henna competition for past many years.

    The judges were...

    Ms. Neelam Shah
    Ms. Mitali Mistry
    Ms. Himadri Patel

    Out of 24 participants, there was 1 winner & 1 runner up. It took long for Judges to decide the results as the competition was quite close. Finally, there was a tie for 1st Runner up position.

    Name Student ID Position
    Payal Bhavasar 09BCA80 Winner
    Pankita Naik 09MCA17 1st Runner Up
    Vaibhavi Barad 09MCA02
  • Technical Seminar on "Ethical Hacking" organized by SRIMCA and CSI - bardoli student branch, Date: 16th September 2011 more

    Today everyone wants to know about Cyber Security and Technology. Many want to learn how to hack ethically! SRIMCA and CSI - Bardoli student branch has organized technical seminar on Ethical Hacking for BCA 1st Semester students. Total 180 students and 8 faculty members attended this seminar. Technical seminar on Ethical Hacking was conducted by expert team from SUN InfoSystems: Mr. Bharat Sharma (Cource Coordinator), and Mr. Vishal Patel (Sr. Trainer). The duration of technical seminar was 3 hours.

    Different ethical hacking practical were also demonstrated during technical seminar. During the technical seminar, participants got thorough knowledge of:


    • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    • Foot printing & Scanning
    • Penetration Testing


    • Enumeration
    • System Hacking
    • Trojans and Backdoors
    • Demonstration of Trojans Attack
    • Sniffers
    • Social Engineering
    • Denial of Services
    • Session Hijacking


    • Hacking Web servers
    • Web Application Vulnerabilities
    • Web Based Password Cracking Techniques
    • Demonstration of Password breaking using CainAble Tool
    • SQL Injection
    • Hacking

    Ethical hacking had created deep curiosity among participants. Entire session was fruitful and participants enjoyed a lot.

  • Technical Seminar on "Red Hat Linux" organized by SRIMCA and CSI - bardoli student branch, Date: 16th September 2011 more

    Linux is one of the leading open source operating system and Red Hat is the world's leading open source technology solutions provider. SRIMCA and CSI - Bardoli student branch has organized technical seminar on Red Hat Linux for BCA 5th and 3rd Semester students. Total 300 students and 8 faculty members attended this seminar.

    Technical seminar on Red Hat Linux was conducted by expert team from SUN InfoSystems, Mr. Anant Panchal (Operation Head), Mr. Bharat Sharma (Course Coordinator). The duration of technical seminar was 3 hours.

    With theory discussion several practical demonstrations were also conducted by experts. Installation and configuration of Red Hat Linux was very fruitful for layman. During the technical seminar, participants learn about What is Linux and what is Red Hat Linux?, Types of Linux flavor, Types of Desktop environment, Difference between Microsoft and Red Hat Linux After lunch break second session was conducted. In this session experts have explained Installation of RHEL 6, File system and its structure, Basic command, User management and permission. Followed by tea break final session was conducted. Experts discussed various advanced topics like Network configuration , Disk management, printer configuration, what is virtualization and its configuration in third session.

    Way of presentation and content quality has satisfied knowledge hunger of participants. In very light mood participant completed their knowledge journey.

  • An Expert Talk on "Developing Career in IT Field" was organized jointly by B.V.P.I.B.M.C. & I.T., CSI & student branch, UTU for SYBCA students, Date: 27th August 2011 more

    An interactive session for the budding IT students of SYBCA was organized by CSI, Student Branch, Bardoli and B. V. Patel Institute of Business Management, Computer & Information Technology, UTU. Mr. Sumit Jha, a commanding strategist, currently working with Wipro Technologies, ITIL V3 Expert Certified, ITIL V2 Service Manager Certified Six Sigma Belt subjugated the session. Mr. Jha is also a trainer associated with Symbiosis. He has far-reaching acquaintance and proficiency in ITIL and Process consulting. He has also authored a Book titled "Tackling Roadblocks during IT Implementation".

    He started the session by emphasizing the importance of developing good attitude for building up career and with that he signified the importance of certification for getting the job, by sharing his personal experience. By giving brief discussion about the current scenario of IT industry and future trend he ended the session. Students enjoyed the interactive session by asking several questions related to their career development. Queries of student were well solved by Mr. Sumit Jha with funny examples.

    Towards the end of the session, Mr. Amish Patel offered a vote of thanks.

    The session was well thought-out and managed by Mr. Amish Patel, Faculty of SRIMCA, UTU & CSI, Student Branch Counselor, Bardoli

  • An Expert Talk on "IT Service Management Consulting" organized by B.V.P.I.B.M.C. & I.T., CSI & student branch, UTU for TYBCA students, Date: 27th August 2011 more

    Today in this competitive and technology driven society, service is considered important factor in any business or industry. Driven by this objective, CSI, Student Branch, Bardoli & B. V. Patel Institute of Business Management, Computer & Information Technology, UTU organized an expert session on "IT Service Management Consulting".

    Mr. Sumit Jha, a commanding strategist, currently working with Wipro Technologies, ITIL V3 Expert Certified, ITIL V2 Service Manager Certified Six Sigma Belt subjugated the session. Mr. Jha is also a trainer associated with Symbiosis. Formerly also lead the team of ITIL & process designing in wipro. He has far-reaching acquaintance and proficiency in ITIL and Process consulting. He has also authored a Book titled "Tackling Roadblocks during IT Implementation".

    The session embarked with a floral welcome of Mr. Sumit Jha by Mr. Hardik Vyas. Mr. Sumit Jha at the outset, tinted on ITIL Certification and tools, continued with Knowledge Management. His talk was mainly focused on the ITIL and process consulting. He broadly enclosed his expertise on Trends in IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing, and further enlightened the students about their profession in ITIL.

    The session was organized and managed by Mr. Amish Patel, Faculty of SRIMCA, UTU & CSI, Student Branch Counselor, Bardoli

  • Orientation Program 2011, Date: 11th to 13th July 2011 more

    Computer Science and Technology faculty organized a three days Orientation Programme-2011 for the students of B.C.A, M.Sc.(Computer Application ) and M.Sc.(Information Technology). More than 300 students attended it.

    Day 1

    The Orientation Program for the year 2011 had begun with the Formal function at 11.00 a.m. hosted by Ms. Himadri Patel-Asst.Prof., SRIMCA, Ms. Monika Naik-Asst.Prof., SRIMCA and Ms. Jaishree Tailor-Asst.Prof., SRIMCA. The students of BCA 5th Semester beautifully recited the prayer "Bahu Pujya Kera Punj Thi".

    The Guest of Honor of the function was Dr. Jatin Desai, Director, Chhotubhai Patel Institute of Technology-UTU. The Lamp Lighting ceremony was graced by the dignitaries. Ms Jikitsha Sheth, Asst. Prof., SRIMCA extended a warm welcome to the new batch, the Guest of Honour , faculty and staff with a thriving welcome speech. The event was followed by Floral welcome. Mr. Jitendra Nasriwala, Associate Prof., SRIMCA introduced to the audience about the Trust-Bardoli Pradesh Kelavni Mandal, Uka Tarsadia University and also introduced the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

    Dr. Jatin Desai shared his motivating and inspiring thoughts about the Preach and Practices of Department of Computer Science and Technology. He also appreciated the discipline and hard work of each and every member of the department. He endowed his bliss to the first batch of the Department affiliated to UTU.

    Dr. Bankim Patel showered his words of wisdom to the new batch. He revealed his thoughts regarding the building blocks of the department and its stringent academic policy. He emphasized strongly on discipline and punctuality and its role in academic, personal and professional life. He ended his speech by blessing the students and wishing them a good-healthy time in the department.

    Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Omprakash Chandrakar, Assoc. Professor, SRIMCA,At 12.00 noon, Students, faculty and staff assembled for lunch.

    The post lunch session commenced with a Presentation with an idea to give a summary about the Trust, Affiliated Institutes, Best Practices, Infrastructure facilities, Education Enrichment Initiatives, Achievements, Faculty Profile, and Placement. The presentation was initiated by Ms. Jaishree Tailor - followed by Ms. Monika Naik and Ms. Jikitsha Sheth.

    The presentation was followed by a Tea-Break.

    The Day 1 of the orientation program ended with the Campus Visit for the students intending to make them aware about the physical location of infrastructure facilities which was managed by Mr. Omprakash Chandrakar, Mr. Sandip Delwadkar, Mr. Hardik Vyas, Mr. Prakash Khaire and Mr. Vikas Patel.

    Day 2

    The first hour of the Day 2 of the Orientation Program commenced with two parallel sessions. The first was the Campus Visit for the students of BCA, B.Sc. (IT) and M.Sc. (CA) and the second session was Faculty-Parents Meet at 11.00 a.m. It was solely dedicated to the Parents of the new batch. More than 300 parents were present in it. Dr. Bankim Patel made the parents aware by disclosing the facts and realities of the field of Computer Science and Technology and the cut-throat competition of the business world. He also highlighted the best practices of the institutes like discipline, punctuality, continuous evaluation system, attendance, mentoring-counseling etc. He stressed upon the fact that apart from the institutes, facilities and faculties, parents and their support also play an important role in building the academic career of a student. He further talked about the infrastructure facilities that are made available for the quality education at the department. He also put forth his views regarding the necessity of a Laptop for pursuing smooth learning process in the field of computer science and information technology. He ended his speech by assuring parents a healthy academic, spiritual environment with full of support to the students from every member of the department.

    The session further proceeded with a Presentation with an idea to give the parents a summary about the Trust, Affiliated Institutes, Best Practices, Infrastructure facilities, Education Enrichment Initiatives, Achievements, Faculty Profile, and Placement. The presentation was carried out by Ms. Jaishree Tailor followed by Ms.Priti Prajapati, Asst.Prof, SRIMCA. Also, the list of the Counselors for BCA, B.Sc. (IT) and M.Sc. (CA) was declared so that parents could communicate with the concerned counselors for their queries and doubts if any. Amongst the parents, one of them rose to ask regarding the Linguistic barriers and communication skills of the student. To this, Dr. Kalpesh Lad, Asst. Prof. SRIMCA responded by revealing that sessions for enhancing Communication Skills are held on a regular basis. Apart from this, seminars, assignments of their concern subjects are also the tools to improve the English language and its vocabulary and to help build confidence for effective communication.

    It was found that a good amount of Parents interacted with the concerned counselors regarding their doubts. And counselors tactfully responded to the same. Parents, students, faculty members and staff gathered at around 12.15 p.m. for the lunch.

    The post lunch session of the 2nd day of the Orientation Program 2011 was enriched with Games and Events. There were two teams(Team-A and Team-B) governing the games and events. Team A-was headed by Mr. Dharmendra Bhatti and Dr. Lal Bihari Barik who are Associate Prof., SRIMCA. They were supported by staff members namely, Ms. Mitali Mistry, Ms. Himadri H. Patel, Ms. Chetana Tailor, Ms. Jayshree Tailor, Mr. Ketan Naik, Ms. Disha Deliwala, Mr. Vikas Patel and Mr. Dhiren Tandel.

    Team A created 10 teams each comprising of 15 members. Each team was further divided into 4 teams each consisting of 3 members. The teams were judged on the basis of their performance in each game. Out of the 10 teams, students of Team 4 topped in all the 4 games and was declared winner under Team-A. Students were given gifts for their excellent performance games wise and overall performance.

    The games include "WHO AM I?" regarding logo and personality identification. "TREASURE HUNT" that helped the student to get more aware of the campus, "PUZZLE GAME" which included more than 10 computer based puzzle games and "MODEL DESIGN" wherein students were asked to create a model based on IT concepts. These games were enjoyed by 150 students.

    Team-B was headed by Mr. Jitendra Nasriwala Associate Prof. SRIMCA and Ms. Bhumika Desai Asst.Prof., BVPIBMCIT and were supported by staff members Ms. Sapna Desai, Mr. Pinkesh Patel, Ms. Jignasa Prajapati, Ms. Krutika Naik, Ms. Monika Naik, Ms. Nehal Adhvaryu, Ms. Yagni Desai, Ms. Preeti Bhatt.

    Among the four games, one was "Brick Game" in which there were two groups, each one was having 5 students at a time and have to cross the path of bricks which were placed at a uniform distance apart by keeping steps on it and failing to touch the ground from one location to another. The group which crosses first at the decided location was the winner. Then a "Football Game" in which there were two groups each one was having 8-10 students at a time, were have to pass the foot ball under their legs by standing in a position of one after other and passing the football. Once the football reaches at the last standing student, he/she has to come at the front position with the ball and the chain of passing the ball goes on until one full round is over. The winning team was declared according to the time criteria. Another was "Balloon Chain" wherein Each Group of 5 to 6 Students have to place a balloon in between two consecutive students like a chain, in a standing position without touching the balloon by hands, keeping their hands in upward bend position and have to cover a full round from one location and reach back to the original one. The winner was the team, who reaches the desired location in least time. And the fourth was "Preserving Balloon Game" where Each Student was asked to tie a balloon with the help of a string in his/her leg and an instruction was given to them that the one whose balloon lefts after 5 minutes should be the winner.

    With a team of 10 Faculty Members and 12 student volunteers, the objective of each game was shared with and by the students like Concentration, Team work, synchronization with each other, Time utilization, alertness, avoiding negative thoughts etc. All the games played by students showed the enthusiasm, zeal, eagerness and efforts to achieve the goal, to be a winning team or winner and also the healthy competitive virtues of the growing IT buddies. At last the students who shared the above stated mottos of the games were awarded by imparting prizes.

    Day 3

    On the last day of Orientation Programme-2011, Alumni talk, Technical Seminar and DJ was arranged for the students.

    Ms. Preeti Mathur, an alumni of 2006 batch addressed the students on 13th July. She is a Senior Developer at Finlogic Pvt. Ltd., Surat and has 6 years industry experience. She explained students about how the practices followed at Institute helped her to achieve success in industry. She compared on life and thoughts at college and in industry. . Her focus was on how learning at institute develops problem solving attitude which is highly fruitful when one enters professional life. Her session was enchanted more than 350 attenders which comprised of students and staffmembers.

    Technical Seminar included how to design effective presentations which was delivered by Ms. Manika Verma, Asst. Prof., BVPIBMCIT. Students realized the do and don't's regarding slide preparation and presentation. She covered effects of animation and transition which can make the presentation attractive. Mr. Prakash Khaire, Asst. Prof., BVPIBMCIT shared his knowledge regarding Google Search. He explained different techniques of searching using Google which gives near to desired result. He explained the techniques of providing range during the search and also how to omit irrelevant text from the result.

    To add fun and enjoyment, Dance with DJ was managed by Mr. Sandip Delwadkar, Asst. Prof., SRIMCA which concluded the three days Orientation Programme.

  • Faculty Development Workshop, Date: 29th March 2011 more

    The Institute organized a Faculty Development Workshop on renovating teaching methodology on 29th March 2011. The workshop was conducted by well-known corporate trainer Mr Himanshu Joshi. The workshop focussed on how to make teaching more student-oriented as well as how to evolve a student-centric pedagogy. The resource person started with posing questions like what is the purpose of education and what are the aspirations of the students who come to the college. These questions led to discussion on teaching-learning process and methods. The workshop covered many learning principles from Confucius to Bob Pipe. The learning principles tried to put things from learners' perspective. The resource person talked about different personality 'types' of learners and stressed that although the 'types' are not water-tight categories, they still can give an insight which can be useful in preparing methodology for different kind of learners. In order to demonstrate effective teaching methodology, the film Black was screened. The workshop ended with the assertion that a teacher's job is not to give education but to create a desire for learning among the students.