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News and Events: 2014-15

A Workshop on Mind Power by Dr. Jitendra Adhia on 23rd February, 2015

SRIMCA hosted a one day life changing workshop on "MIND POWER" by Dr. Jitendra Adhia on 23rd February, 2015 whereby students of BCA 4th semester has attended the same. Dr. Jitendra Adhia worked in different parts of world as a medical doctor and then shifted to Mind Training field. This workshop was aimed to ensure that you realize the vast potential of your mind and start utilizing it more by adopting certain basic fundamental techniques in your daily life. The workshop comprises basically of two parts: A theoretical portion, where the subject is discussed in depth with the help of audio visual aids followed by practical session, wherein each participant is taken down to the Alpha State of consciousness. Following topics were covered by Dr. Adhia during workshop:

  • The Mind
    • Philosophy of mind is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of the mind, mental events, mental functions, mental properties, consciousness and their relationship to the physical body.
  • Types of Mind
  • Functions of Mind
  • Powers of the Mind
  • The Subconscious Mind
    • The subconscious mind stores information that the conscious mind may not immediately process with full understanding, but it stores the information for later retrieval when "recalled" by the conscious mind, or by an astute psychoanalyst who can draw out information stored in the subconscious, bringing it to the individual's conscious awareness
  • States of Mind
  • Visualization
    • Visualization is the ability of the brain to continuously create new neural pathways. When we repeat a skill that we are trying to master, we strengthen the neural networks that represent that action. The same happens physically in the brain whether we perform the action, or simply visualize it—Your brain cannot tell the difference between an action you performed and an action you visualized.
  • Concentration Technique
    • The practice of concentration enables us to accelerate our growth and learning because it provides us with direct access to knowing and understanding. Developing concentration is similar to developing physical strength with patient, persistent practice the following techniques will increase the strength and duration of your attention.
  • Law of Attraction
    • The law of attraction is the name given to the term that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results
  • Pain Control Technique
    • "Whatever the Human mind can conceive and believe, IT CAN ACHIEVE"

Celebration of Republic Day - 2015 by B.V.Patel Institute of UTU,on 26th December 2014

TCS off campus drive for science graduates @ UTU, Dated: 08th January 2015

Tata Consultancy Services Limited - Indian multinational information technology (IT) service, consulting and business solutions company known as TCS conducted pool campus interview at our campus for BCA and B.Sc. (Computer Science/ Computer Application/ IT/ Electronics/ Mathematics/ Physics/ Statistics) and BCS on 8th January 2015. There were 155 participants from various institute registered for pre placement talk among them 77 students appeared for first round and finally 18 students was selected for first round. It is a moment of immense pleasure to announce that among them one student of T.Y B.C.A namely Mr. Divyesh Jani has been selected for next round. We UTU and Faculty of Computer Science and Technology family would like to congratulate him for the valued success that he has achieved and wish him best luck for next round.

Enormous participation in the Wheebox competition arranged at SRIMCA, Date: 22nd September 2014

Wheebox conducted WEST-Wheebox Employability Skills Test for all the Final Year students of M.C.A, M.Sc. (CA), B.C.A & M.Sc. (IT) to publish "India Skills Report" in association with PeopleStrong and CII. The competition was arranged by the training and placement cell of Faculty of Computer Science & Technology, UTU. The advantage of WEST is that the score card can be used for multiple job opportunities and the score card is validated by the Government bodies of country. Overall 400+ students from Faculty of Computer Science & Technology participated in the Wheebox competition.

Enormous participation from Students of Faculty of Computer Science & Technology, UTU, Date: 15th September 2014

Students of Faculty of Computer Science & Technology participated in the events of 'Anantyam' 2014 with full of fun and enthusiasm. Anantyam is the annual engineer's day festival of CGPIT, UTU which has gained widespread popularity among the masses of UTU in just 1 year. True to its name-'Anant' meaning unlimited and 'yam' meaning 'happiness'-Anantyam aims to provide a festive time, not just for the fun-loving Gujju Engineers, but the whole of UTU. Different events for our IT students were Web Weaver and C-Phobic in which our students from M.C.A, M.Sc. (CA), B.C.A and M.Sc. (IT) have participated. Overall 50+ students in Web Weaver and 50+ students in C Phobic were indulged; on the whole it was a good experience where our students can explore.

It is a moment of immense pleasure that our students of T.Y M.C.A namely Mr. Nikunj Sardhara (Div D) and Mr. Shailesh Prajapati (Div C) secured 1st rank in Web Weaver event.

We FCST and UTU family would congratulate them for their success.

  • Gold Medalist of BCA
  • Faculty of Computer Science & Technology, UTU celebrated Janmashtami, Date: 18th August 2014 more

    Faculty of Computer Science & Technology, UTU has celebrated Janmashtami on 18th August, 2014. Janmashtami also known as 'Krishnastami' is the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eight avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. It is a very important Hindu festival celebrated in India with clat and great enthusiasm. Dahi handi or Mosaru Kudike is also an integral part of Janmashtami celebrations. It marks the mischievous and playful behaviour of Lord Krishna. Students of SRIMCA, B. V. Patel Institute of BMC&IT and Department of Computer Science and Technology, UTU were more excited to break "DAHI HANDI". All classes have participated in DAHI HANDI with taste of DJ. The Janmashtami celebration was really an awesome experience for the students which gave them positive vibration.

  • An Expert Session on "C Programming for Embedded Microcontroller Systems" was organized by SRIMCA, UTU, Date: 25th July 2014 more

    An expert session on "C Programming for Embedded Microcontroller Systems" was organized by SRIMCA, UTU. Mr. Ketan Patel form US, senior software at QuickLogic was the speaker for the session. QuickLogic is the inventor and pioneer of innovative, customizable semiconductor solutions for mobile and portable electronics OEMs and ODMs. Overall 84 students of Under Graduates and Post Graduates of different programs having competency in C and willing to build career in embedded system were incorporated in the session. During the session he had emphasized on program organization and microcontroller memory, data types, constants, microcontroller register/port address, operators, control structures, functions and interrupt routines.

  • National Level Secure Programming Competition CODE UNCODE 2014 organized by EC Council Foundation, Date: 22nd July 2014 more

    National Level Secure Programming Competition CODE UNCODE 2014 is organized by EC Council Foundation and will be conducted at SRIMCA. Code Uncode is an initiative by EC Council Foundation, the not for profit arm of EC Council, the world's largest certification body for Information Security professionals, to search for the top secure programmers in India. Code Uncode 2014 is a milestone for continuous efforts to build an army of successful programmers and thereafter a strong team of IT security professionals. Overall 483 students have registered for the competition among which students of MCA, BCA, M.Sc. (CA), and 5 years Integrated MCA are incorporated from Faculty of Computer Science & Technology, UTU. The event will be conducted in 3 parts Preliminary, Semi Finals and Finals, leading to identifying the most talented programmers in India. Preliminary round is scheduled on 28th July, 2014. We would also look forward that more number of such events occur, so that our students can grab these opportunities and get explore to the outer world.

    We SRIMCA and UTU family would like to wish all the participants' good luck and hope that they make us feel proud as and when they proceed to the higher levels.

  • Esteemed presence of Mr. R.M. Chauhan, Executive Magistrate, Mahuva on "Orientation Program 2014" organized by Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, Date: 17th July 2014 more

    Faculty of Computer Science & Technology organized Orientation Program 2014 for the upcoming batch of 5 years Integrated MCA, 5 Years Integrated M.Sc. (IT) and BCA. Mr. R. M. Chauhan Executive Magistrate, Mahuva gave his venerated presence as an honorable chief guest for the event. Mr. R. M. Chauhan gave a squat talk to motivate the youth and inaugurated the formal function. Various dignitaries were present namely Dr. D. R. Shah Provost of Uka Tarsadia University shared words of wisdom and welcomed the new batch of computer science students. Dr. N. C. Shah Director of CGPIT, Dr. Prashant Joshi Professor and Head of Department of Management gave their esteemed presence and welcomed the youth by sharing their experiences.

    The "Orientation Program 2014" was arranged for three days i.e. from 14th July, 2014 to 16th July 2014. During these days, students had a campus visit, played different types of games, they were also made aware of rules and regulations that has to be followed during their journey of studies with FCST. Moreover, expert talk was given by Mr. Himansh Thakkar on "Self Hypnosis and Laughter Meditation" he demonstrated how to measure energy, power of subconscious mind. Mr. Kamlesh Thakkar gave a motivational talk on "Memory Development" and "Attitude towards life" he also demonstrated memory management techniques and gave a crouch on how child should behave with parents and vice-a-versa; this session was also attended by parents too. On the top of it parent's meeting was held with the program coordinators of different courses of computer science.

    The event was concluded by wishing good luck to all the new budding computer science professionals.

    Mr. Sandip Delwadkar Assistant Professor, SRIMCA was the coordinator for the "Orientation Program 2014". Mr. Hardik Vyas helped to make this event successful.